Staff Instructors

Stephen Pearson

Stephen combines more than 30 years of law-enforcement experience with in-depth expertise in today’s most pervasive Internet and computer technologies. During his tenure in both federal and civilian law-enforcement agencies Stephen has had the opportunity to see all facets of Computer Crime Investigations. Stephen began developing tools and training for the investigation of computer crime investigation in 1994 when assigned to the United States Army Military Police School at Ft McClellan, Alabama.

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Adjunct Lectures

Randall Gohn

Randall “Randy” Gohn Sr. is an Investigator with the Louisiana Department of Justice, Office of The Attorney General in the Cyber Crime Unit of the Investigations Division. His unit is the lead for Louisiana for the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Taskforce that handles child exploitation cases throughout Louisiana, with many cases extending outside of the jurisdictional boundaries of Louisiana

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Sebastiano Pepenella

Sebastiano (Sam) is currently employed with a Sheriff’s Office located in west central Florida, just north of Tampa and hold the rank of Law Enforcement Sergeant. Prior to being promoted to Sergeant, I was a Law Enforcement Detective Computer Forensics Examiner holding an ACE certification.

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Steven Wood

Operation Desert Storm where he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal. He was retired from the Army in 1995 for wounds received in battle with the Iraqi Republican Guard during the ground phase of that war.

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Kevin Martin

I am a Police Sergeant with 23 years in law enforcement. I currently supervise the Community Services section and the Forensics section within the department. I am an experienced computer forensic examiner with a specialty focused on Mobile Devices.

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