Digital Analyst Reporting Tool – Analyst (DART-A)

DART-ADigital Analyst Reporting Tool – Analyst  (DART-A) is designed to show the level of competence that a student has achieved while attending one of our certificate producing courses. The DART-A certification is a product based certification that will provide the student the analytical understanding of nodal correlation and pattern analysis.  This is not just a rubber stamp.  The student shows their proficiency by passing both a hands-on application test and a written evaluation. After passing both of these events, the student will be awarded the DART-A certification.  This certification requires renewal on an annual basis.  Recertification will be conducted via the online classroom portal.

DART-A Skill Sets:

  • Install and troubleshoot DART
  • Import cellular extractions from multiple vendors
  • Import CDR records from multiple carriers
  • Collect data from SIM Cards using the internal DART tool
  • Collect Data from Android cell phones using the internal DART tool
  • Collect and design criminal organization charts
  • Collect biometric information on criminal offenders
  • Conduct Analytics using
    • One to One reports analysis
    • One to Many report analysis
    • Identify metadata and plot the data on the internal mapping tool
    • Conduct SMS evaluation and correlation
    • Use DART to find financial transaction information located with the collected reports
    • Use the tool to create and produce watchlist results
  • Produce prosecutors (actionable intelligence) report
  • Prepare reports for inclusion in portal databases for enhanced analysis

** This certification is only available from certified training partners of the High Tech Crime Institute Inc.