”Data Analysis Reporting Tool” Analyst Course (DART)

dart-proCourse Syllabus

This 3 day course is designed for those investigators with a need to be able to access more complex Cellphone situations. This course is an advanced course requiring an understanding of cellphone technology and basic electronics.


This DART Analytics Certification Course will provide students the tools and skills necessary to identify, collect, and analyze mobile phone information from multiple sources. Upon certification, the DART 4student will understand essential cell phone terminology and number validation, the significance of mobile phone analysis to any investigation, and how to conduct in-depth cell phone analysis using DART. This course is hands-on but does not require prior technical knowledge as the student will leave fully prepared to conduct cell phone data analysis using DART!

Course Schedule Overview (The course listing may change due to updates or corrections)

Day Subject Notes
1 Installation of DART
Configuration of DART
Hands On Practical Collection Lab Exercise
Overview of DART
Hands On Isolation Lab Practical Exercise
Import Cellphone Records
Hands On Isolation Lab Practical Exercise
Import CDR records
Hands On Isolation Lab Practical Exercise
Mapping CDR Records
Hands On Isolation Lab Practical Exercise
2 SIM Cards Overview
Hands On SIM Card Lab
Dealing with Multiple SIM Card Devices in DART
Processing CDMA Cell Phones with GSM Data
Nodal Analysis – Understanding correlation of data
Plotting Geo Data in DART
Conducting Nodal Analysis in DART
Working with Biometric Data bridging the technology to biology bridge
Creating criminal organizations in DARTT
Assigning people to devices
3 Conducting Watch lists operations
Conducting analysis of case data
Putting the pieces together in DART to form an analytical picture
Hands on Practical Exercise
Hands On Evaluation for Certification
Written Testing for Certification